A Swimmer’s Portrait

This week in the studio we had a gentleman come in for a Sports Portrait.

He is a Swimmer and a Runner.

He’d brought along all his swimming gear, so we set about taking some swimming portrait photos for him.

Starting with a straight forward side profile headshot. I decided to do this on a white background to create a nice contrast between the blue of his cap and goggles against the white background.

I then wanted to make a more striking image so switched to my dark background. To add extra effect, I got the water spray out.

Then we shot a ‘putting on the goggles’ shot.

Then a close up head shoot with goggles and water.

followed by the full length pose.

And of course, the diving in pose!

We had great fun doing the shoot and the results were really good too. He is now planning to do another shoot in his Athletics gear, plus he said he had a Scuba kit too!

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