Golf Portrait

A few weeks ago, I had a Swimmer at the studio to have one of my sports portraits. This week it was a Female Golfer.

I was quite looking for it as there would be lots of colourful items given the attire that golfers wear. I was not disappointed. I was however a little concerned with the size of golf clubs and the low height of the studio celling with its lights!

The Lady arrived with a range of colourful clothes, from pink polo shirts, to a blue & a pink typical diamond style golfing jumper. Also, a pink golf bag with pink golf clubs!

For our first set of photos, we took some ‘warm up’ shots. This was her warm up pose, not me, but it allowed me to test some lighting making sure it lite the length of the golf club nicely. These worked well and produced some nice relaxed looking photos.

We added in some sunglasses and did some more shots.

Then a change of outfit and props adding in a ball and the bag of clubs.

We tried experimenting with just the ball as a prop too.

A slight change in style and look, although you wouldn’t technically play golf like this, the images looked good!

Finally another change of outfit with different lighting to create a more dramatic style and some close ups with the clubs.

To finish we had yet another change of outfit and shot a couple on the white background, carefully manoeuvring the club around the studio lights and the celling lights! No full swing in this studio!

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