The Tattooed Boxer

Ok, so it wasn’t intended to be a Boxing shoot, but….

I recently had the opportunity to do a tattoo shoot with a guy called Scott. Scott had just had some new tattoos done and wanted to do a photo shoot to show them off. I had wanted to do a tattoo shoot for a long time, but I wanted it to not just be a stand and pose shot, but something a bit more. I had found out that Scott did some boxing so I asked him to bring the gloves.

The idea was set!

We started with a pose with a sports shirt.

Then, went for a bare knuckled fighter look. These looked quite good, especially with the low key lighting and desaturated processing.

We followed with a more traditional boxer look and poses.

Then I started getting creative. I tried some cropped shots.

Finally I asked Scott to pose in 2 different positions as if he was fighting. I then put these together afterwards in a composite.

I was really pleased with the results of the shoot and I think the fact we went for a boxing style really added to the fun and made for some interesting images.

Scott got some great photos of his tattoo, I got some great photos in a boxing style. Scott was pleased with all of the images, so it was a good combination and great result.

It was a good shoot and something I wouldn’t mind doing more of. I also think I’ll have a play with some more of the images and see if I can do more with them.

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