The Male Portrait

A lot of the portrait sessions I shoot are female portraits, some are business, some are just fun ones, and of course some are maternity shoots.

Sometimes however I get to do a male portrait shoot. Now these can be fun. Firstly they can take on many styles, from business, to sports and other differing styles.

One of the advantages of a male port I find it that is gives me a chance to experiment a bit more with processing. I love working in black and white and male portraits tend to work well like that. Also, the editing doesn’t have to be precise on the skin, in fact I find, what I call a ‘gritty’ style, on a male portrait works really well.

So to give some examples, I did a sports shoot last year with some boxing poses. I took a lot of the colour out of the photo and increased the clarity, it gives a hot look to the image, but also shows a lot of detail.

Another example, with this gentleman. As you can see he had a great beard and some brilliant expressions. A black and white low key photo just suited this pose perfectly.

Now Allan, by contrast had no beard, just designer stubble and a shaved head! Once again though, with great lighting, a low key black and white image, it makes an image that just works.

He also had a normally looking coat with a hood. As soon as he put the hood up I saw a great pose, a sort of sinister effect. In fact we took a few in the this. See this post ‘A Gritty Portrait

Just a normal headshot, can look good, just like a book cover photo!

Sports portraits, with a bit of ‘grit’ added also work, in this case another boxer.

It doesn’t even have to be black and white, in this case I’ve done a white based photo for something a bit different.

Lastly, you can of course go for a more of a formal style shot.

So male portraits can take lots of different forms and you can easily get a great looking photo, be it a photo for fun, a book cover, sport portrait or even a great looking business photo for your website or social media photo.

So, if you have a beard, shaved or bald head, wear glasses or a suit, or all of the above, why not give a portrait session a go!

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