‘Book Cover’ Portrait

A few of months ago I did a couples shoot.

At the end of the shoot, the gentleman requested a couple of portrait photos. He commented that they could be photos for his ‘book’. I don’t think he was writing one, but it was an off the shoulder comment, so I call these the ‘Book Cover’ Portrait.

In fact I shoot them in a manner that you would actually find on a book cover, so it works well.

We started with a simple face on pose.

Then we made it a little more light hearted.

After a few more shots, we did the ‘book cover’ pose. This is, in my mind, is a very classic style of pose for book covers. What do you think?

I also wanted to have a ‘play’ with the processing on one of the shots to give a desaturated, gritty look.

I was pleased with the results as was the gentleman. Whether they will make it to a book cover is another issue, but it was good fun shooting them.

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