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Just a little information on who we are. Lee Orchard Photography is one half of a Husband and Wife Photography and Design partnership. We are both photographers but also have years of graphical design and website design experience.

This blog is attached to our Portraits website, and talks about all what is happening within our portraits business.


I am a Photographer, Website Developer & IT Tutor.

I am passionate about photography. I am self taught, continually learning and improving my skills.

My photographic journey started when I was fifteen, and has been growing ever since.

In 2001 I created my main website, LeoPhotography.com. This has been expanding ever since, frequently adding more & more images. Later a gift section was created to sell my popular photos. Finally I added a dedication section just for true HDR photos taken from bracketed RAW images.

I have a passion for all types of photography as my website shows, and like everything from Wildlife to People.

Coupled with my wife, Natalie, we now do Portrait photography, covering, Maternity, to Newborn, Kids & Family portraits to Business profile pictures.


Owner, designer, photographer and maker…

Natalie is the owner and creator of ‘Natart’ based on the Surrey and Hants border.

Natart is a small creative company established in October 2007 after Natalie graduated from a Fine Art degree and a BTEC in Creative Business. Natalie’s life was completed in 2008 when she met the like minded photographer Lee Orchard and they were married in 2014! In 2010 their daughter came long and then Ashleigh’s little brother arrived to complete the family in 2012!

Natalie Orchard, professional photographer with an Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society, is a self-taught photographer with a Fine Art degree!

Having initially provided a picture framing service and sold photographic prints through craft fairs, today Natart is able to offer a diverse range of services…

Services We Offer

Portrait and product photography, restoration and retouching photos, a complete graphic design service as well as continuing to offer bespoke picture framing and a web design service.

See our Dedicated Websites and Pages for our different services

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