More Hair & Make-Up

I’ve done shoots in the past for hair & make-up artists to help build up their portfolios. They sometimes supply a model for the shoot, or I can find someone for them.

I did a shoot a little while ago for an MUA in which we used fruit in the hair style and she was so pleased with the results, that a few months later she arranged another shoot with me.

This time, no fruit, just a simple makeup style with slightly funky hair and some stick on gems.

So I started with some simple head shots.

Then, a slightly wider angle.

For a variation on so many similar shots I added a bit of a different finish to a few of them in post processing .

Towards the end of the session, as I did with the previous shot for her, in fact it was something what she wanted too, I added some coloured gels in to the lighting setup and created these.

A closer shot.

This style of shoot can really help improve and boost an MUA or Hair Stylist portfolio and maybe get them more work by having more professional style images on their website. Maybe…

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