Leather & Steampunk

Earlier in the month I did another shoot with a bit of a twist.

I like shoots that are a bit unusual, it gives me a chance to create some images that are a bit more than just a ‘normal’ portrait.

We used a leather jacket, some interesting leggings I had as a prop as well as my steampunk glasses and goggles. The lady supplied the hat and we were set!

The photos were looking really good and for some of the final touches I added a bit of post processing to change the final look.

A bit of a ‘Michael Jackson’ pose was added in to some of the poses too.

We shot some seated poses as well, with some thoughtful looks! I’ve processed this in black and white.

The lady has seem some photos I’d taken in the past using a WWII gas mask as a prop and wanted to incorporate that in to some of the poses. I like shoot with that mask, so why not, it adds a twist to the shoots.

For the last shot, I thought it would be good to do a shot looking at the mask with it sort of looking back at you. Again, I’ve processed this in black and white and given it a grunge feel to it.

This shoot was really good fun. It’s great to be able to do these styles of shoots, whether its cosplay, or just some interesting types of clothes or just a play with props. They always produce interesting images that are good for the people involved and a fun thing to do.

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