4 Styles, 1 Session = 6.5hr Photo Shoot

I recently completed another photo shoot. Nothing unusual about that, except, this shoot was intend to be another bodyscapes photo shoot. And it was! However during the bodyscapes session, we started discussing some different options.

So, we started with bodyscapes, and some props like pebbles and a chain.

We worked our way through many poses, positions, added the pebbles in and the chain become a favourite props, just resting it across the body and along the back for interesting lighting and results.

We setup a stand and hung the chain from that and did some interesting seated and standing poses and changed the lighting around to make it more of a rim light setup.

It was during these and I noticed Becca’s leather jacket looked interesting. A great colour, purple, so we set about using this and created some lovely poses and light flares. Coupled with Becca fiery red hair, these turned out to be the best shots of the session.

I also got to try out the new Beauty Dish light modifier we had bought a week eariler. This gives of lovely light but controlled light so creates a nice drop off and natural vignette.

Whilst this was happening I was talking about a photo shoot that was cancelled the week before. We had planned to do a greek style shoot with pots, floaty dresses and wraps. Becca showed an interest in that, so after lunch, we setup for a greek shoot!

We shot with pots and wraps, a fairy wing and floaty dresses, doing another 5 different poses and setups. A lot of these shots will be composite images so these are still being worked on.

Nat had made a flower hair piece, so we incorporated that into the pose as well.

So all in all, we did about 9 or 10 totally different setups and poses within them, covering, Bodyscapes, Leather, Greek and Materials. We used up just about every spare bit of time we had and probably could have continued if we had more time.

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