12 Months of Shoots

It may seem a strange time to do a post on 12 months of photos shoots, in February & as of course I’ve done more than that, but in keeping with the website being a year old, I thought I’d do a review of shoots in that time!
Its been a busy 12 months!
From Feb to Feb I’ve done, 30 photo shoots, ranging from Business Portraits, to Magicians, Models to Maternity, Hair & Makeup Artists to a Family of 9 people and Newborns.
I’ve shot, Witches, Magicians, Funky Hair Styles, Suited Business Men. Boxers to Bodyscapes, Nudes to Post Apocolyptic Mad Max Cosplay.

So lets take a look at what I shot.

February 2015
So to start off the Website year, my first shoot was a Maternity shoot with Debbie. I was on Valentines day.

Next up was a shoot for a family member who wanted a portrait done.

In March, I did 3 shoots. The first was a Social Media portrait for an old work collegue.

Then a returning customer who wanted me to retake her Daughter school photo as she didnt like the ‘official’ one taken by the school photographer

Next was the 3rd Maternity shoot of the year.

With no shoots in April & May, June saw another Maternity shoot.

Followed by my first collaboration shoot with a Model. We got some many great images from this shoot is was hard to choose what to put on the website.

June also saw the first of our Magicians Live shoots, with Ed the Magician and others.

July saw the start of a maternity shoot that would run through to October, it was a stages shoot. This would be shot every 5 weeks of so to build up a progressive image of the pregnancy. This is quite an important shoot as it sets the style and poses for the next 5 months!

Next up was the first of 2 wedding hair styles shoots with a hair stylist and 2 willing ‘Brides’

Something totally different was next, a tattoo shoot with a guy wanting his new tattoos photographed. We made it into a Boxer style shoot.

We had the return of Specialized Calendar for their second photo shoot with us. This time is was Lingerie, Witches & Santas!

September saw another maternity stages shoot showing more progression of the bump! Followed by my first materials shoot for a non maternity lady. It gave me some great scope to get creative.

In October I had one of my biggest challenges, first how to do a family portrait with 11 people in it, secondly how to fit them all in our small studio. I was quite pleased with the results.

We shoot the final stages and full Maternity shoot too.

As it was now autumn, its was nice to get the opportunity to be able to do an Autumnal shoot. I collected up lots in golden leaves and had fun with them in the studio.

Next up was another shoot with Ed and the Magicians Live show in Fleet.


I thought I’d try and do some different type of shoots, the first being a Bodyscape style. This are not for everyone, but I’ve had some interest, doing 3 bodyscape shoots over the next 4 months.

The first required some experimenting with setup, but I think I nailed it pretty much from the first shot.

The idea behind bodyscapes is to capture the body in such a way that it doesn’t look like a body.

Later in the month I did my second bodyscape shoot. This time we did some more creative shoots, but then also moved on to leather jackets and materials.

I then did a collaboration shoot to help a recently qualified Hair Stylist build up her portfolio. I had to volunteering models, a Make-Up Artist and the Hair Stylist. This shoot was great fun and this model was really great at trying out some of my suggestions.


Now December saw some really interesting shoots. We did a role play shoots and some leathers shoots.

and a cosplay shoot, in a Mad Max theme. This was great fun, with leather, belts, goggles and lots more…

I did a shoot with a guy were we did boxer poses, statues and even base jumping kit! So many styles and great images to select from this shoot.

After this, I shot another Make-up session, but this time in a gothic style.

I got some lovely close photos as well as experimenting with some lace!

I shot the Christmas Magicians Live show too. Quite challenging once again and this time there were doves and guys in straight jackets!

The year finished off with a Maternity shoot on New Years eve.


January started as December had ended, with another Maternity shoot. This one was bought as a Birthday present back in November.

The Mum to be had been really looking forward to the shoot and had even been out and bought some extra props. We ended up doing lots of different styles. My favourite image from that shoot is already in 2 blog entries, so I’ve selected another one. There were so many great ones to choose from.

In the latter stages of January, I got to shoot our own Maternity portrait, as my wife was expecting our 3rd baby.

Again, we took many many styles and got some really great photos. Again some of these are already in posts but this has to be my favourite.


I had 2 shoots booked in. One was for a bodyscape and materials, the other was face shots and lingerie.

With the first bodyscape and materials shoot, I took some of, what I call, statue poses. These produce some great body poses and outlines using rim lighting.

My last shoot of the website year was another great shoot. I used gels on the lingerie shot as well as just normal lighting. This was one of my favourites.

What a year it has been, I have shot so many different styles and meet some great people, some of who I have done multiple shoots with and have more booked.

Lots of these shoots have blog entries, so if you’d like to read more about them, please read more of my blog.

Now entering my 3rd year of portrait photography, I can’t wait to see what I will shoot next.

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