Vintage & Steampunk

I had done a shoot with this lady last year and this week I had another chance to do a shoot with her, another steampunk style shoot, but with some vintage thrown in too!

We actually started with a dress that was a lovely purple and had stars on it, so I decided to add a witches hat & a witches broom.

Then got a little creative.

Following that we switched to our steampunk ideas, incorporating goggles, hat & a very cool corset.

A change of background, minor costumes updates and we shoot some more.

Then we decided to add a top into the mix, infact one normally used for maternity shoots, but worked very well as a steampunk top too!

Another outfit change, something more Victorian.

I really liked this style and coupled with the black and white processing, we got some great vintage, gothic looking photos.

The last photos with the vintage dress was taken standing up, but with the same lighting. With this setup the lighting really drops off and doesn’t light the whole body, in this case is created a ‘Ghostly’ feel to it.

We had a very enjoyable shoot covering some different styles to what I have shot recently.

This was again great fun to do and shows that you can create some lovely photos, with minimal props. The dresses infact were from charity shops.

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