A Vintage Shoot

I’ve had a busy week.

On Friday I did a shoot for a magicians show, Thursday was a maternity shoot and I’ll talk about them soon, but Wednesday was a vintage style shoot.

I’d arranged with a local lady to do a vintage style shoot. I’ve got lots of vintage props, like cameras, suitcases, old typewriter and chairs. So we set up a session to play around with these.

We started with some suitcases, moved to cameras, chairs, typewriter and back to cameras.

I also tried I new lighting setup which gave this wonderful light for the final setup we did with a union flag!

It was a great session that lasted about 2.5 hours in the end. In all I took over 600 photos, with lots of different setups and styles. So I’ll be sorting through these for a long time. Also I took some to use as composite images with other photos I’d taken and creating some other interesting prop composites.

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