Fitness Shoot

It’s been a while, but I did a Sport portrait shoot the other day.

I love doing sports shoots. I did a few shot of my Son during the summer with his cricket gear, but this shoot was more gym orientated.

These type of shoots are fun as the people are normal into a few different sports. In this case, a fitness gym, so we covered Boxing and Weights.

Starting with some boxer photos, with a punch bag.

Then a fun of fun posing with the gloves,

followed by a rest break.

I wanted to recreate a boxing ring feel to the photos, so I added in some ropes and a seat.

Then I created some fight club style photos by adding in a bit of a metal look.

We also did a few setups using some dumbbells and a couple of fitness style shots, here’s one of the dumbbell photos.

Fitness photos are great fun if you are into your sports, whether it’s weightlifting, football, basketball or boxing, a studio shoot can be really rewarding and give you a wonderful photo for you to hang on your wall, or in the gym!

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