Portraits with Digital Backgrounds

A while ago I wrote about adding backgrounds to portraits digitally. In its simplest form it is a matter of just finding a background in blending it into the photo to give the background a bit of interest.

Recently I have started adding more textures to portraits I’ve taken. Not only that, I have started building my own digital background library, taking textures from wherever I go to, these can be anything from a render wall, to a road, concrete and lots more.

I have some great areas to draw on. The above image uses a texture from a cliff face.

Just Sand can make an interesting background, in this case rough sand.

Some more subtle, a granite rock and given this image a soft texture to give a little interest to the area surrounding the portrait.

Or a boring tarmac road can make a interesting background.

It doesn’t even have to be a portrait. This image (which has my most view on instagram) was of a rock in the sea. I’ve blended 2 Granite textures to this image to give it an ‘older’ feel to it.

So something as simple as a photo of dirt, a rock, or a pavement, can actually make an image come more to life.

There are more examples on my LeoPhotography website with more textures and images being added.

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