Hair Shoot with Pearls & Fruit!

During the week I teamed up with an Make-Up Artist and model to help the MUA create more images for her portfolio.

This is something I have done several times before before and something I offer as a service to MUAs & Hair Stylists. This time was slightly different to previous shoots as there would also be some props involved too.

The first shoot was a light make up setup, with halved pearl beads stuck in a pattern to her forehead as well as a pattern created all over one of her hands

I took a couple of head on shots, then some more angled shoots to create more shadows on the pearls and face.

After the pearls setup, we moved on to something more funky and retro!

The MUA changed the models hair style to a Victory Roll and put a Kiwi in the middle of the hole! I thought it would be be good to shoot this on a colour background, so set up some coloured gel lights, a yellow and green to compliment the Kiwi and the blonde hair of the model

Then we got a bit more 50s style with a comical look!

This made for a great looking shot, which were definitely most fun to do.

We finished off with a couple of similar one on a black background.

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