A Fashion Shoot

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a lady who said they really liked my style of photography and would like to do a fashion shoot with me.

This was greart as I hadn’t done a great deal of fashion, but if she liked my style, then I knew we’d be able to create something interesing.

She had brought lots of clothes to create some different looks, so we started casual, a cosy look, but with fishnet tights too.

I’d set-up a more dynamic lighting, but soft, a style that I think is used in a lot of fashion portraits, but something I’d only really done before with headshots and on a dark background.

Doing this on white, created a shadow in the shot, which normally you try to avoid, but works well in these shots.

After the cosy style, we moved to hats and cloak. I thought the hat might prove trick to light, creating shadows on the face, but I was pleasantly surprised and hit the correct setup straight away.

The lighting once again creating some interesting shadows.

I also got creative and created some interesting colour cast versions of the images too.

Then tooks some nice close-ups.

Nat had created a lovely hair piece last year and this gave me a good opportunity to incorporate it into a photo shoot. I think the result was great.

Then we got edgy and shot some modern fashion coupled with some jewellery. This made for some great images with the lighting and style.

There are a few more from the shoot which I have added yet, but I think the above gave the best results.

It was an interesting shoot and something I would happily do again in future if anyone wanted it.

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