Our Maternity Shoot

One of the advantages of being photographers, is that you get to take lots of photos of your own family. We have taken photos of our kids constantly since they were born.

The first Maternity shoot I did, was also of my Wife. This is in fact what started me along the Maternity portraits path.

So, when we found out we where having our 3rd kid, we started planning what shoots we wanted to do and also what Newborn images as well.

I’d done a big stages shoot with our first kid, so decided to do a smaller funky style one this time. Then I’ll do another shoot with the baby in the final stage.

I had also bought, over the past few years, a range of clothes for shoots, that in fact haven’t really been used. So this was a prime opportunity to use them.

I am always on the lookout for clothes and props that would make nice photos. We had bought some hats and necklaces for other shoots, but thought those would look good to in a maternity shoot too.

I also thought it would be nice to use the floaty dress we made last year for a materials shoot.

One of the last photos we took was using the wraps that we have, but this time as a skirt and draped wrap. We did some additional editing to this image and added in a background to give the photo a more olde world look.

We took so many, in many styles, it’s hard to pick out a favourite one. I think, the last photo here is my favourite, but I like the photo with the hat too as well as so many others! We had great fun doing our last maternity shoot. The shoots for my customers are normally about 2-2.5 hours. For our shoot we did 4 sessions in total about 2 hours each and lots of styles creating 100s of images.

We couldn’t finish though, without a messy shot with the kids. So we did a painted hands photo. This was a first! The kids loved it and we got a lovely picture of them, mum-to-be and bump!

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