Autumn is Here

Autumn is such a wonderful time of the year, it is also a very brief time of the year, especially for us photographers. Trying to get a nice day, nice lighting, leaves the right colour with enough still on the trees etc… So many factors, so little time.

So, when I had the chance to do a studio autumn shoot I jumped at the chance.

I went leaf collecting the week leading up to the shoot, and sent the Kids out the morning of the shoot to colour some more, albeit damp ones!

I’d had the idea to do some leaf throwing and posing in leaves etc… Jo liked this and also came prepared with some autumn style clothes.

After some poses and change of clothes, something a bit warmer…

Now we decided it was time to start with the leaves. Jo thought it would be good to sit and look at a leaf. I admit, it was a great idea and gave us the lovely little shot.

More leaves added and time to get the materials out again.

These worked out lovely, the colouring was great and the studio backdrop was covered in leaves, and turning yellow in places from the damp ones, so we continued and tried some different poses again.

Now it was time to trying out the leaf throwing shot. The photo you see here is a composite, but only from a couple of photos. I think this is my favourite from the whole shoot. The lighting, the leaves, colour of the processing and pose, all add up to create a great image.

The last setup and a ponderous pose, again, lovely colours, lovely pose.

Now I have the base images, its time to start thinking about some more composites and trying blending some of these into a woodland scenes.

One thought on “Autumn is Here

  1. I love the warm autumn colours you have created and the relaxed natural poses of your model – quite a beautiful overall effect. Well done Lee!

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