Business & Social Media Portraits

Everything these days requires a portrait. If you own a website, you need an About Me photo. If you have a social media account, it asks for a profile photo, or avatar.

Our Business & Social Media portraits session last just 45 minutes and just cost £40, including images!

We can do standard head shots, or something more inline with your website needs.

We offer a ‘standard’ style portraits, which can also be used as a social media avatar

Or can create an image for use on your website that give you space to add a quote.

You can use a prop that relates to your business

If required, we can even make it a bit more dramatic for a more ‘powerful’ look

So, if your Social Media avatar is getting a bit dated, or you need some headshot as your are just starting out in business, or you just want something fresh, then take a look at our gallery and packages for our Business Portraits.

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