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Female Portraits

As with Adult portraits, Female portraits can be anything from a standard portrait shoot, to a glamour photo. Our Female portrait sessions our mainly taken in our studio were we can utilise all our lighting and props. They can last from 1 hour to all day depending on what you require*.

We can do styles from Lingerie to Fashion, Makeup & Headshots, Vintage styles to playing with sheer Materials or more formal styles.

If you would like to book your session, please call us or use the contact form to discuss your requirements further. Our prices page displays the standard session price. If you require a longer session we can supply you with a price too.

*If anything more than a standard shoot is needed, please call to discuss your requirements.

Post Wedding Dress Shoots

Our Post Wedding Dress shoots, are for when the wedding and honeymoon has past and life is returning to normal. It is then nice for the newly wed bride to have a chance to put the wedding dress on once more and have some nice phone taken in a relaxed controlled environment.

These shoots could also be done for an anniversary, one year on, or several years down the line.

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